About "ear" post, above, quoth Socrates:
"Whenever sommun sez "universal tradition" er some such thing, they do raiseth yon spectre of an Orwellian crystal blob of totalitoastian enclosure. But then of course the inside of the lemon, a multiplicitie of oppositional yawps, is merely the same hell of shattered alternating mirrors, seen from within. The result is a sighe of despaire from yon Critique, for whome these tooles of expressione (or shalle we saye transparent modes of Dominion), becometh more & yet more inadequate, when faced with the Shxpearean Globbe of any one even moderately capabile and originalle Poet today. Is there no Balme in Gileade? he cryeth, or Where beeth my Forke?(in the vernaculump).

& yet if She woulde but hold to her Originalle Forkitude, a Balme indeed might lye nearby in yon Glade or Oasis. For the tooles of Poiesis, as of Musicke, are Anciente & parlous Univarsal indeed; & it may be that a fair- and independent-minded & Curious Reader will laye ahold of the matters that binde all yon Rationalle Binaries and Oppositrons - Ancient & Moderne, Olde & Newfangle, American & Urrpean, local & global, Powrful & Marginall, & so on - & that perhaps an Aesthetical aptitude may perchance Strike Through as with an Aukamical Razor some of the lesser Polemicks turbling about within our Mirror'd Spectackles."
O, Socky.

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