all glory, laud & honor


The homeless Mandelshtams – Nadezhda,
Osip – shelter in the Hermitage
beneath a Rembrandt image.
Theotokos with Child – da, da

the yellow-black goldfinch, perched
upon his pudgy palm.
Invisible museum
in the mind.  Like Hagia Sophia (arched

Argo of a million eyes) whorled
in one prow... her kelson
Love’s bright apparition –
equilibrium of peaceful world.

All glory, laud & honor...
the sensus comunis
of common good is
at your service (humble, poor) –

Franciscan mule of stubborn heart
whose fast is doing
(in twilight fast fading) –
out to the glimmer-rim of art

back to the ember-glowing hearth.
The honor of the civitas
so shaped by selflessness
into a form of equity – in truth

& mirth, transparency... your wings
in flight, O Tyche-Liberty
humble Columbia (Black Sea
to Golden Gate) Nadezhda brings.



rolling logos contest


Like the 1001 Nights, or a man
facing a firing squad
who just keeps talking (odd
bird – Cassandra in a coal mine,

prophet without honor) so
I go on.  Smoking
bloody forest of broken
ships – keening keel of Argo...

who can lift the great acorn
model Constitution?
Strong whiff of glue,
my son.  The safety net is gone.

Impalement of the nations
on Stalagmite 17.
Thin poets bleed between
the cracks in their creations.

Somehow the acorn is a lightweight
coracle.  Behold an order
older than disorder –
Aurora Borealis, lifting slate

steps up to bonfire (Milky Way).
Your molten magnanimity
from nothingness – to be...
becomes a Minotaur’s nightmare (hey

yo).  The absence of a Someone,
croaks Crow (Solomon
anti-authoritarian) –
presence of a maze (swamp season).



limestone eyelid


The smoking poilu, in his pink turban
like a blasted basilica
bent over Ravenna
marshland.  Many thousand gone.

His ferrous requiem for Texas heron –
wings on migration,
Zion to destination
unknown (indifferent shotgun).

A ghost dance of repetitive waves.
Arthur in Otranto,
Geo in Ferrara...
Micòl & Black Elk (lead-gray graves

in crowds).  A quiet cemetery
full of new-mown grass.
They Shall Not Pass.
Heaven & earth... won’t fade away.

The Magdala Stone... hasn’t figured
yet.  Her equilibrium
of magnanimity (come,
stay!) – like rain over the weird

Mammon of idle selfishness...
a motive for release.
She’s coming, Orpheus –
returning, Willy – rose of Inverness

or little almond tree – Mary
shedding lambent grace
or Jenny Falcon-Ace –
Love’s fiery knot (bright quipu-tree).



domestic hellenism


Imagine a humble Rembrandt world
(domestic hellenism, say)
where everything is (replay,
rusty Super-8) revealed –

unsealed, familiar testament
wherein you were sown
amid Grant Wood corn
(Birthplace of Herbert Hoover), bent

beneath pewter thunderheads
like wheat long-planted
at a battlefield (wind-
harrowed silos, homesteads).

By the rude bridge that arched the flood
– the wordspan, carved against
despair (Grace hastens
with her furnace-lamp... slight lift of mood)

here once the embattled farmers stood
– measuring early earth,
where your Dream (4th
of J?) becomes flesh & blood

& fired the shot heard round the world.
Ariosto in Ferrara,
say – that avian eye
on tyranny (Limentani’s branded

heron-lid).  Poetry is resistance
against the Emperor
of pyramidal distemper;
Concord... Voronezh... (buoyant equivalence).



ship of wind


A prairie fire like a freight train
fed by wind (your searing
Word).  Not for hearing
but for doing... here it comes again.

Will cauterize your poetry
to cinder of Egyptian
barge.  Lips burn
ice friezes (hay society).

A replica of ancient Greece,
delicate, peevish...
stern Rome’s thievish
siblings (disguised in fleece).

The Pilgrims’ covenant of winter
light – bewildered, free –
a broken redwood tree
(toppled by Oldman’s greedy splinter-

group).  The milk train of the nations
merges with its blistered
rails.  Longfellow heard
rain fall... Berryman damnations.

Who shivers like a flame against
the edge?  Is it Henry
hisself (decrepit Limentani)?
The canoe in the garage (All Saints’

Day shrine)?  Her candle, wavering
above extinction... hum
of rock-dove (columbarium).
Rose bridge of lips, life-savoring.



Reminiscences of 1865


Today we recall the tall gaunt pioneer
with Peruvian cheekbones.
His fifth scene atones
for all that blood shed in anger

at the righting of wrongs; his brief turn
by the Gettysburg graveyard
consumes, with a perfect word,
our kindled rage in bright compassion.

The creaking panorama of all wars
since Cain killed Abel, here
slows, crawls... Ford Theatre –
whose British farce on Yankee manners

stumbles from play to traitor’s hour.
Dusky similitudes...
old King of the Woods
hung from an oak (in Raven’s power)...

the tragic pattern rotates on a string.
Tyro, dangling puppets
tangled on parapets,
shuffles the script – the play’s the thing.

Your clear-eyed servant laughs his last,
cries, Come to my Thanksgiving
feast!  An overlay of evening
wash soaks its river of papyrus bast

in crimson, indigo, & brown.
Still life.  Peto.
Reminiscences on Yew.
Grey feather you must make your own.


spring crucible


Yesterday your birthday, Papa.
92, mild ghost.  Sun-wheel
set at Swan Point... seal
of a woman’s self-extinction.  Ah,

woeful calendar (Coatlicue).
Strife of father & son.
Friday black sun,
aboriginal sin (hey ey

yo).  Here in Minneapolis
snow, interring April
in one wide hexagonal,
preserves a buried man in ice

(Resurrection Cemetery).
Henry ascends the asphalt
path from heart’s tumult
to frozen Father of his Country.

Washington Ave. Bridge.  Yet
(wobbling, wavering
within your shadowy
ring of flame) – dawn’s pale promise!

Man’s faithless diffidence his own
life sentence, we
depend upon your mercy
to raft us into Libertas again –

mysterious Jonah in the “33”
(Mars’ den) whose hum
breaches delirium,
wind-bred to share (Nazarene glee).



tutelary loon


The river rifles arctic blue today
beneath nippy April wind.
Hobo his way will wend
downhill, ahoy, with the current, hey.

His notebooks stew in crumpled chaos,
like a Burchfield swamp in June –
half cricket calendar, half jejune
palimpsest (July stinks Janus).

Bleak melancholy in Ohio.
Spooks in lean eaves.
Storks bundling wet sheaves
across the ‘30s.  Good material, O.

Hobo looks up from bottomland.
He holds an eye-in-hand –
muddy Cahokia (one grain
of sand).  Just Clay’s j-jug band.

These bricks are 28 feet thick.
A pyramid, almost –
only Hunky Ghost
(Ho-Chunk) could make this stick-up

stick.  Like Killers of the Flower
Moon.  Getch’r Manitou
(just one gris dollar few)
before she get you.  Evening hour

now.  Mire-flowering almond tree
out of Voronezh (or Galilee) –
your mural crown, Tyche.
Hyacinth madeleine (waiting for me).



for Martin Luther King

          for Martin Luther King

Late April snow.  A blinding white
50 years after Lorraine
Motel.  Memphis, again.
River-Land, seeking an Ocean State.

Rich port-of-call – the 51st, maybe?
Lost Black Sea pebble,
gray whale in trouble
(silent in the silence).  Who is she?

Grace filters into Providence
through stubborn darkness.
Rose Island light – less
diamond than dawn translucence –

only a signal for a wayward eye.
A Chartres chart, or maze
from Notre Dame (haze
mollifies her frozen sky).

The sleepwalkers smolder through smoke-
machines.  Father & son,
their colder war passed on –
unfriendly history (life’s but a joke).

Still roses bloom, in Galilee –
galactic Okean
become a local pond;
folksinging Nazir calling me

to dance, & calling you as well.
Deep spring’s Unknowability
leaps into charity –
a little Noah-boat skims out of hell.



mumbling toward spring


To trace the plummeting ellipse
of these post-Easter flakes –
the hexagon each makes
a microcosm of the temple’s

lightweight, hollow honeycomb.
Awaiting his parousia...
ghost-dance Messiah,
Nazir out of Galilee-to-come.

Far-off tumult of primavera.
Genesis of purling springs.
Pale intermingling things
in punished neighborhoods (era

of Pharaoh, or Caesar).  Signals
from an early cave, or tomb.
Eternal vault (the womb
of patient Lazarus, of Jonah’s wails).

Natasha’s limp.... Clover’s marble
Isis-veil.  The keening
eye of Magdalen (far-seeing
heart).  A Galilean stable

where animals & refugees
breathe the same air.
Earth-time halts there –
her catenary thread a breeze

lifting twin pillars (Alpha &
Omega).  Planted so
in graveyard snow...
grain of renewal (to the end).


painting by Nancy Hart