all glory, laud & honor


The homeless Mandelshtams – Nadezhda,
Osip – shelter in the Hermitage
beneath a Rembrandt image.
Theotokos with Child – da, da

the yellow-black goldfinch, perched
upon his pudgy palm.
Invisible museum
in the mind.  Like Hagia Sophia (arched

Argo of a million eyes) whorled
in one prow... her kelson
Love’s bright apparition –
equilibrium of peaceful world.

All glory, laud & honor...
the sensus comunis
of common good is
at your service (humble, poor) –

Franciscan mule of stubborn heart
whose fast is doing
(in twilight fast fading) –
out to the glimmer-rim of art

back to the ember-glowing hearth.
The honor of the civitas
so shaped by selflessness
into a form of equity – in truth

& mirth, transparency... your wings
in flight, O Tyche-Liberty
humble Columbia (Black Sea
to Golden Gate) Nadezhda brings.


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