be manifest, be imminent


Nestled in his city of rivers & bridges,
hidden in his cabin
of Lincoln logs, alone
like that baby screech owl (wedged

in his cozy cottonwood hideout)
Hobo will contemplate
his May-time temperate
zone, his mild creation, riverine, remote.

Knotted by Amor – like an Incan quipu-
net, like a ruby bud
of that burbling Word
afloat so murkily nearby (his Brook of Q).

Ahav-be-manifest – be imminent
as hale touché-scapegoat
whose royal honey-kismet
soldered Okean to oak – bent

light to leaden doomroad (East
to West).  Jerusalem
gleams in the sun – shalom,
shalom to the returning one!  A feast

for the soul of yon American
blindfolded rambler.
Holy fool, shambler-
yurodivy, from Voronezh to San Fran

you’ll meander, like an old river
& mumble of a Union
equable & all-human –
soft Tuscan hills, moss-green forever.


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