those double doors


Those double doors of the Baptistery
in Florence, where Alighieri
was restrained from returning.  He
might have admired the mastery

of Lorenzo Ghiberti – that golden river
of perfection, surging from
Eden to Gesthemani... some
inscrutable summa of Prime Mover

spoked in parables of heartbreak
& confusion (Miriam, lifting
both hands in agony).  So bring
what you have to a blindman’s break-

fast, to her Thanksgiving feast.
From the belly of a whale
came Jonah whole & hale
as dolphin-breach (O swift grey beast)!

The linèd forehead of Leviathan
is like your own... therefore
be not dismayed.  Footsore
mule, flinty thin Prophet Stan,

your Livingstone (still at the Nile)
holds firm against the flow
of time – your steadfast glow
upon the brow of them who show.  Smile,

Indigo!  Passage to more than blue!
– these equilibria
of gyroscape... mute
mutualità, below the soil... deep rescue!


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