How to be God's friend?


The lifesaver : a fruity ring
invented by Hart Crane’s
father.  Across the plains
yawing wind-wagons roll.  Something

akin to Grant Wood corn, maybe –
an icon.  All’s figures,
counsels holy Zero
Summer.... Burchfield parody

(complete with feverish Light-
in-Gale).  Deep swampland
heartland, over sand-
fly latitudes.  God’s outa sight;

Dad’s a kind of Kingfish, generous
in all the wrong ways.
Those were the dog days.
Rain... unlikely hymn (so mysterious) –

another author, just beyond the pale.
Moses climbs from his dinghy
ready to shake that thingy –
waterspew from Rock (a Word, set sail).

How to be God’s friend? ask
the Friends.  Williams hectored,
but he left on record
how to walk humbly (high shellfish task)...

Friends gathered in a Rhody cave.
Silence is best response
to Charlie’s dalliance.
Our Author is a friendship trope – to save,

not to condemn.


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