serene enchantment


Springtime earth bears a secret promise
for that unknown child
somewhere, today – mild
summons of the midnight stars

foretell the coming of her Magi, too.
May burgeons toward her
flowery grand fanfare
beneath its vault (red, lilac, blue) –

a royal seal of lilac coronation;
within that dome’s one
multiocular panopticon
prophetic voices merge in exaltation –

serene enchantment of perennial life
blooming toward light itself
(O fragrant almond staff
sprouting sweetness – beyond all strife).

The infant nested in a great oak’s shade
smiles in soft seaborne air.
Ocean will prepare
her Restoration Day – as you were made

in the beginning, so shall you be again.
Shining in Paradise,
where all the rivers rise;
gemstones of blazing men & women

awakening from mind’s blindness.
Under an azure-orange arch
they sail... grail-search
fulfilled – Love’s everflowing happiness.


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