one Coke hand


High fan of infant cottonwood leaves.
Their light-green spray,
pale sign of spring today.
Come late (come early May).  Cleaves

to the swollen river – spewing snowmelt,
winter flotsam, garbage.
Nature floats this mirage
of metaphors... for what the Sibyl spelt.

Your sister-dove (Jeannette-Columbia).
Shade of Beatrice –
plumb-bob Eurydice,
sounding the depths of Sheol (ephphatha).

On this day in 1775
Little Rhody broke the tie
with Mother England.  Die
is cast.  The wasps have left the hive.

Still an ineffable spider-bridge
dangles its catenary M
between two pillars.  Hymn
of Wisdom’s unbreakable pledge –

octave uniting heaven & human,
person to person – one
Coke hand, spun
to Ocean State... wide chordal span!

Your mirror of primordial Sea
(reflecting golden doors
of Baptistery) pours
lilac-joy – Love’s ripe To Be.


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