mumbling toward spring


To trace the plummeting ellipse
of these post-Easter flakes –
the hexagon each makes
a microcosm of the temple’s

lightweight, hollow honeycomb.
Awaiting his parousia...
ghost-dance Messiah,
Nazir out of Galilee-to-come.

Far-off tumult of primavera.
Genesis of purling springs.
Pale intermingling things
in punished neighborhoods (era

of Pharaoh, or Caesar).  Signals
from an early cave, or tomb.
Eternal vault (the womb
of patient Lazarus, of Jonah’s wails).

Natasha’s limp.... Clover’s marble
Isis-veil.  The keening
eye of Magdalen (far-seeing
heart).  A Galilean stable

where animals & refugees
breathe the same air.
Earth-time halts there –
her catenary thread a breeze

lifting twin pillars (Alpha &
Omega).  Planted so
in graveyard snow...
grain of renewal (to the end).


painting by Nancy Hart

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