with Grace (in memory)

                  i.m. Grace Tagliabue (1922-2018)

In that heavenly kingdom of Como, or Maine,
his ready bird-feather
will already be there
with you, Grace – to bring peace, to make plain

the origin of the Cosmos in love & joy –
his valiant light-heart
casting out fear with an art
like child’s play.  & you (his chief toy,

rest, dream) would be there, too –
answering love with love
from the deep, from above,
tracing that birdsong in robin’s egg blue

& loops of moss-green watercolor.
Since poetry – imagination –
is manuscript illumination,
you chose to let John’s words flower

like parchment flesh in a bath of rebirth –
& as time slowly waltzes us
toward our last contra dances
you help wash our feet on Earth

& ready us for that elfin circle-dance
in the kingdom of children &
animals & grains of sand
all sparkling in the galaxies... entrancing

Entrance to Eternity (your linen
wheel of emerald palm-
prints... infant calm
babble of Phoebe)... heaven’s amen, amen.

    with grace, from Grace, by grace 

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