Today is the anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination.

(Posted this before, I know. Here goes again. Riddle for bloggies - who, in part, does PG refer to? Clues in 2nd stanza. Anyone hazard a guess?)


Interesting. A black cub in a saltcellar
might have to do with a J2 rainbow
coalescence. Where you go, I will go,
Daddy-o – through the mirror –

but what's it all for? A warm
swarm of pinks huddle together
by a pile of boots and nails there.
A nation in a car. Some form

of cartoon coronation. Sloppy
jalopy of jello pie suspended up
for an anchor. PG his marked-
own pine tree. See what I see?

Chilled or gelled half of an ironing
jenny on the bottom of Big Muddy
– because fate dealt a delta hand
a dandy way-off Chinese rune for

dying. This number's upside down
and skewed sideways (pretty darn
rigorous, Mort) on a purple Lincoln
out of Mars, with 44 plates of blown

lizard-lady luck. Drove by today
while everybody died inside. Time
stop broke Sin chain stop cried.
Finish your 2 x 4 calf pie? Eh,

son? Walk it slow now, Abe.
Isaac in the sack, the lamb
lookin askance... Mick, Sam,
Clem, and that other one – Gabe –

in the wings... hold it right there.
Close your eyes now. Silver Bullet
(marvelous red racehorse) set
her seal on him, Dad. Let him go free.


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