from July:


I saw Eternity the other night said Henry V
once more unto the breaching whale
for often as I stretched my lips toward
the lucent wave so small a thing it

is that separates our loving hearts
the darkness had materially increased
hereupon Nu-Nu stirred within the secret
unfailingling J.A. J’s omvalejoss stretched

postpartum like a red seed from
now-now to yes-yes yesterday
deep in Maxwell’s stirry equanimity
a little kip o’thorn goes o’dell morphed

the length of a tinier tin plank forth
Hendrix (in tune with a low-rent
transformation) (turning
toward the wall and) walks on through

Lex Luther’s bilking paradox (using
simple OM radio junk from the shack-ham)
he shows if Shakespeare types out Hamlet
on his tachyon transmitter, Bacon receives

(in sing-sing) the transmission
at an earlier time (via chronocomputer)
settin on a photon clock spacelike
timelike and likelike Sommerfeld’s

first apple-fall of free-falling world lines
in a lightcone tipped over by Tippecanoe
Tipler into the river just a bit o’Henry-
phlegm caught in the throat (between

wormholes) (mouth a and b) like a frog
couching for flight through a fog or griffin-
like surfaces (what exotic matter! Figure
it out yourself!) an undersod of the rogue


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