readin': Stephen Prickett, Words and The Word (again. book about languages of poetry & religion)

Brian Fawcett, Expedition Fawcett (an old Arrow Books paperback from 1963. found it in the stacks. following trail of terrific article in this week's New Yorker, by [?] Grann, about search for Colonel Percy H. Fawcett, the eccentric explorer who disappeared in Amazon in 1925) (now that me & the Mississippi have done our evil [evil epic] thing down there in N'Orleans, I'm moving on to the Amazon)

continuing with Sukenick book on Wally Stee.


[deleted. you don't need to know about all my little problems]

... also found in stacks : Ecology of Power, by Michael Heckenberger, the anthropologist whom Grann met (after many traveling travails) in the jungle near where Fawcett disappeared. I note on p. 180 : "His last letter, dated May 29[oh-oh], 1925, was from "Dead Horse camp", where his horse had died and he turned back in 1920... It was here, on the border of the Xinguano lands, that the Western dream of lost civilizations in the southern Amazon died as well."

There's that date again. Forth of July flowed around it.

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