Mississippi is to the Nile as New Orleans is to Alexandria.

This will be my first [physical] trip to Louisiana.

from The Grassblade Light:


Hallowed, evened out, Henry in the distance now,
a mote in the delta. Audacious love triangle
twirls, treeless, on its own, an RI tangle –
as dry leaves (spare delight) toward Salem go.

Autumn lightning, hurricanes. Then thunder.
A Micmac, shadowy (through wormhole t-t-tuba)
flows upstream – toward a salty spiral
in the rubber barrel. The spine goes under

(buried sunflower). Whose action is
no stranger
... pours forth from a window
parallax – against complacency, woe,
and violent paralysis. Melchiz

out of nowhere's whereabouts. Stone
vaults from mossy Mississippi lair –
arrowheaded air headed your
way, Hotspur Harry – your own

land grant, swami saint – victorious
viscous vapor eye! Yours, the rube!
Uppity now, mistletoed (up, stone tub!)
Prance Petriarchy Pizzicat Nevarious,

and regale them! – all them,
constant operator! All them all together,
veteran! For the least fool measures
the greeter amongst her – Miriam!

Miracoloco! Since Abraham Lincoln
conned he was an Indian (check,
by Jove) that showy Melchizedek
has fibrillated nature's joy, my son –

and though you rum from-toward the swine
your pain of shame – run home again now!
Earth hath need against this rage slow
lights – lights, ghost! For from brine

of Superior comes your native wrestler,
Jacob – as I sack your situation for a mini-
millennial secular thanksdiver, honey:
Massa saw! A real Ur way trestler!


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