... another little putt at Nicky de Cusa's Mini-Golf (ie. Autumn Door) :


A sparkling of snow, the air grown featherweight.
This is the earth, we may see no other.
A ball bobbled in a children's game, somewhere
suspended... pendant, over-under the infinite...

An anxious bluejay squawks contingent plans
for now. But we will revolve, you and I,
on this trim pivot that upholds our sky -
drawn as we were out of the bookish plains

toward one transparent parapet, a ziggurat
of smiles. Its coil retracts to vertiginous heights;
its labyrinth of particolored slates
a nowhere-palimpsest (at zero climate)

and with such pitch the crusted compost-mound
disintegrates in layers... flaked limestone
streaked with articulate foam, Shoshone
medicine bones, plate tectonics ground

up and moving in infant array - earth's
loyal dust-mote children - early, early, eagerly
engaged in morning, honoring seared ugliness
beguilingly, half-grasping each pennyworth

incalculate and prodigal - innocent idolators
plunging tenacious fingers into frangible soil.
A scarab rolls its microcosm toward the Nile
(fragrant little lifeboat buried in funeral barges)

as the thought of you rotates beside the kiln
where the sun growls and the stars gesticulate
and the thought gestates, a guest of state...
(eyes bent toward snow along a windowsill).

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