- slowly, slowly, he bumbles toward some meaningful expression...


See how those Tuscan cities rise
like dandelions in the April sun,
ablaze with pollinated ben comun,
the solidarity of parish bees

sworn to barn-raising (in sweet
conventicles). Across a burnt-
sienna chessboard, over gaunt
republican piazzas, the Paraclete

(pseudonym for tennis bum
or mild-eyed hobo) poses a zig-
zag clue (lilac for fig), figuring
clematis, climax forest (arboretum

). Red bloom
with dusty feet, thorns -
Assisi vagabond (he scorns
not Poverty
) - bridegroom

dawdling (someday... eternally).
In sheepish green
of roadside weeds - in San
Francisco (Ramirez portfolio).

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