Are my poems locked in their own world of private symbolism? Well, maybe. I write like I do because it's fun. But the result is not just meaningless jabber. With patience you can make the connections. I've been writing this way for years now.

Science explains how steady motion is equivalent to rest.

I started writing poetry in about 1966. The career aspect of literature both bores and scares me. It seems like a ticket to compromise, which doesn't bode well for the writing itself.

When I started out the professionalism was less noticeable. MFA programs were something new. Underneath, though, the scramble for jobs, status & attention had been going on for a long time, I guess.

I was blessed with good teachers from the beginning, & they reinforced my ridiculous self-confidence.

But I'd like to write a novel, if only to get a little respect. & make my parents happy. (These are clearly not the best motives.)

Poetryland doesn't take me seriously - probably because I don't get out enough. Too busy working, raising kids, etc. Or I haven't written any substantial essays or articles. Or been published in big magazines. Or people think I'm crazy or something. Oh well. See you round the blogs.

I should work on those essays.

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