Fontegaia, on we go...


Mangered by Siena's seven hills,
intuitively the Palio braves rip round
their Campo. Mad steeds pummel down
stable-strewn bricks - an annual memorial

to virginal triumph (1260 Montaperti).
She who climbs over the things we do
on earth - august ascent up to
conceptual hyperspace (see Dante) -

becomes minatory martial emblem. Great-
Eyed Virgin
to grey-eyed Athena. Aerial
spear of light. Spine-tingling peal
above that rabid, rancorous cartwheel.

Yet beneath incense-fog and icon-shimmer
yet-more-evasive dream-reflections
stream. Strange backflow, that shuns
the rampant street (immured murmurmur).

The lion must roar, and prophets prophesy...
Grim silhouette of spiritual fright, weird lemur-
glare of recompense - O feline moon of fire
(eroded copper coin, dangling above sky-

bearded Amazon, piranha-sheathed) -
under your rigid radiance, an undercurrent
of impending leaps (obverse impediment;
sidewinder; vernal meteor). Bequeathed

now, homing dovecote-aerie, carrier-
plied past rims of warring warnings;
do-si-do-eyed whirl of cherishing
dear Wisdom, aflame in civic mirror.

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