Fontegaia on my mind...


It has to be this morsel of sky, an acorn
in the corner (tumbled crown). Violent
combines (narrow blades) deflect bent
furze (X furrows Y) - a stormy

gust across your breast, Robin.
So in the Palio, the slowest nag
will snag a cobblestone, lug that
snail's house to the Campenone,

let go the ring. They'll burn her for it.
Try to understand - the winning hand's
your own. As when a mumbling pigeon
in a frame reverberates through infinite

honeycomb. Somebody's polyglot upstairs.
If bookish Homer would sail home to her
Penelope must pen like a geographer
Sparrow Hills will number every hair.

I've forgotten the word I was trying to say
(blind swallow, dive...). As if harness
shook horse, as if the inexpressible
were simple fate. Whack! raloo, raleye, ralay...

Note how in frostbound forest pools, a red moon
gallops. Mere shuffle of thunder shakes
oaks, earth - a muttered drum takes
up a thousand tents, shrouds them in word

balloons of fire, smoke. They will follow him
through the mirror (sire of Pegasus, blood-
shield) - be raveled up in clouds of
silver rain. Your copper penny pays the requiem.


The hasty serpent of the warring worlds
had double-crossed himself there
in a radar room in Ecuador.
His exoskeleton reduplicated curling

spirit vines - dim trees at forest mouth,
vivid lincoln logs (all 212 of them).
The Martians are not coming, Clem.
Antea's little jaguar fur slipped south,

so smooth, so chthonic - preternatural.
A forest black and green, invariable.
Anticipate her Great Eye, man! Sable
glamor in an almond brow - earth poetry!

The tumult faded like a hosted hoax.
Only a nauseating hollow vortex
where a snakeskin dangled. Latex
apparition. Ghastly mist of Ahab-Rex.

And then the sound of the mosquitoes.
A mossy blur - ten thousand feet
above Quito. A summer sound
complete with firefly-stars (gold Moses-

mites) - a thrum of give me, give,
heartbitten. And the stretched ripple-
chord (where toiling eyes rim hopefully)
goes taut. Plowman looks up - rivers

emerge, merge, murmuring.
A ghostrider tracks that marge
on pegleg steed. Unwritten charger,
prescient, humorous. Pure purring.

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