Over the weekend I attended my very first ever "craft-oriented" poetry conference, up in western Mass. The Colrain Poetry Conference, focused on complete manuscripts and the editorial process. Very, very, extremely worthwhile. You won't hear any more snarky comments from me about all that. (I mean, I don't think so. You never know with me.) I could say a lot more. My entire perspective on the "scene" - & on what I think I'm doing - has shifted & changed.

A few years ago, Joan Houlihan fell rather abruptly from the "regular/mainstream" poetry world into the "internet" poetry scene(s). & because she did that (& because of a few positive comments I made at the time on some of her controversial web writings), I think I may be about to fall in the other direction, into that "regular" scene (of print journals, regular presses, etc).

One of the resources mentioned was Jeffery Bahr's database on poetry publications & submissions, which I had never looked at. Seems very useful indeed.

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