One fine day...

& then one fine day the Main Idea, the "first idea", the primal idea, the True Idea, the Only Idea (for hedgehog or fox) will swim into your ken... - the idea Walt Whitman sketched very brightly in "Song of Myself"... that is, the idea of God as character, as a character like yourself, as consciousness - that day when the surprising Creator-out-of-Nothing is revealed as Person, in the likeness of... with heart & soul & mind & strength...

& on that day everything that follows from this Thought will slowly unroll before your eyes... & you will see that Reality & Cosmos & Experience are framed for you, proportionate to you... & you will recognize (with the "chaste" eye those Russian Acmeist poets Gumilev & Mandelstam insisted upon) that the Earth is our "God-given palace", and the Heaven is our "limber, everlasting habitat", our traveling Gypsy caravan... & we are playing a part in a mighty Play... as the old wild Irish bard Yeats cried out :

Death and life were not
Till man made up the whole,
Made lock, stock and barrel
Out of his bitter soul,
Aye, sun and moon and star, all,
And further add to that
That, being dead, we rise,
Dream and so create
Translunar paradise.

& you will understand how God has arranged so that all the sacred writings & all history & all nature will be epitomized & tied up in the ineffable & unbreakable flesh-knot of a single human Person.... crowned "king" of creation... which is really the beginning (Alpha & Omega) of the crowning of you yourself - to lay all history & religion & wisdom & time & destiny & nature at your feet - you... Person... & so, like a child at last (without drugs or spells or amulets or idols) you will finally walk into God's true Kingdom, always beholding the face of your Father (& mine)...

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