Some Myths of the PIC (Poetry-Industrial Complex)

1. The text of the poem = the poem. Therefore I am free to skim, browse, delete, copy, etc.

2. Since Poetry is One Thing, Poets are One Social Group. Networking is important!

3. Since there is No Such Thing as Poetry, but Only Kinds of Poetry, Poets are Many Social Groups. Networking is important!

4. Gossip about the lives & careers of poets is more interesting than poetry.

5. Poetry is an Autonomous Art Phenomenon which can and should Change the World.

6. A poem is simply a jazzy way to write things down fast.

7. Poets are born rebels, with the seared consciousness of life's evil & pain. Not to mention hip. I want to be like them.

8. Poetry is really very simple. Who are these people who keep claiming it's so difficult? Elitist duffers.

9. Poetry is about celebrating & partying together.

10. Language is meant to be abused in poetry. That's what poetry is for, duh.

11. As Plato tells us, the poet is a light & winged soul, fragile, mercurial. They should not be expected to think or behave like ordinary people.

12. If I don't get it right away that's the poem's problem. Bye.

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sandrasimonds said...

I love this.