Lanthanum 8.2


A baby half-moon (pale, spooked) winks up there
behind a wispy pane of clouds. Centered just
over the Mayday dogwood ‒ its phosphorus
petal-crosses branched in flaring armada-

wings, like Inca footbridges (through shady
Andes). Not the stringy spans themselves
but sign language (quipu for crossing over).
Toward that aerie, dove, darker than any

Crystal Cave, loftier than Milky Way;
through the posh, lost bole of a cosmic
cranium, abaft the train-hoot of a tragi-
comic orb (half-&-half confusion-whorl).

These are some of the advantages
of standing on earth. At confluence
of physicists, them calibrated dalliance
(haruspicatin’ on a livid prune). Plumbs

a mental multiplex, sans doubt. I wonder
if they vegetate too much? Unhealthy
habits ossify braincells, somebody
sermonized this morn (on the radio)

and it’s not like they don’t know what they’re
on about
, reports BBC. Hey folks! There’s
money in know-how
! proclaims Spokes-
person Numero Tweetie ‒ pure air

for sale
! Yet the moon is loaded with dust,
noted rotten prophet. Iz not for sale
. & we keep walking toward that hail
of atoms, Josh ‒ wh-why? Moon or Bust.


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