Essays in Critical Flame

New review essay floats Ben Mazer and John Beer on the sea of Ashbery and TS Eliot :
Jerusalem & Albion; or, Maze & Barleycorn

This is the 2nd essay of mine there. Also wrote one about Gabriel Gudding a while back :
Reading Gabriel Gudding


& said...

This is a fantastic essay. Really the most well written piece I've read in a long long time. You have the mojo of Eliot.... and a better prose style. joe green

Henry Gould said...

Thank you, Joe Green! You have really cheered ME up!

& said...

I read it a work and troubled my fellows by exclaiming "Fuckin A" and striding about smiling. Damn, what a great day. We did Donne when Donne was done and all that...I was 19 again and finding essays like yours that made me say "I want to live!"