Magnetic North

This weekend I'll be driving to Minnesota, so won't be blogging-flogging so many poems as of late.  Here's the new addition to Ravenna Diagram.  (Was interested to learn that Bruegel's great painting "The Hunters' Return" plays a role in two of Andrei Tarkovsky's films, Solaris and Mirror.)


Snow on backyard pine, a winter
scene.  With bitter words
the hunters return.  Bird’s-
eye view.  A raven’s splintered mirror

integrates the earth with cold
& calm – ravenous fire
with ice-skating, the hounds’
dire hunger with a master’s hold.

Strange distance in this place of graves.
Graven with flames... a tinder
touch.  So you will render
up the whole of life, in silent waves

windblown, articulate (ash-
hexagon from one
remote hearth-rune).
Only dappled light (reed-wash,

acacia screen).  In the continuum
of strange dream-song, a black
milk pours into Black Elk,
Melchizedek... slips back to you, O

Somno-Man (where sparrows hum
across the mirrored ice).  Your
wing-palms print once, twice
beneath aurora burial (drum-

roll, funereal).  Snow gathers
at magnetic north.  Rose
dust & wilderness
meet on your lips (coal-cinders).


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