anyone know your knots?


The lowly starfish, neither fish
nor star.  Rather
fish out of water, or
spark from Ocean River.  Wish

upon which?  Empty choice, perhaps –
like this rickety cedar
gazebo door, spannered
over the void for mosquito apse

(fine Roman iron).  Door always open.
Natural Bridge – sublime,
like Jefferson’s government;
only supporting vault, for all men,

women, are created equal.
Contracted limestone
hieroglyph, whose one
whole marbleized body-spiral

corkscrewed like Nut – bolted
to high arch-campanile.
Mostly invisible.
An Arctic burg (igloo-solid).

The hollowness of raven-beak –
scars like tattoos for Cain;
Jonah from Spanish Main
become Columbian Mayflower (seek

& ye shall find Canonicus, O
jolly Roger).  Darkest
camera oscura (west
of black hole, near Tasmania)


filled with simple cave-sketches –
a wave-curve with a graphene
heart-keep (anyone
know your knots?) nyet – catches

hermaphrodite french wombat stray
(whom-batt to you) – punished,
burnished bronze, banished
by Moi (Great Man Two Hernee)

for coming naked from the sea
right into Nineveh
(some Who-She-Whooshee
mania).  Like Mirror Lakes, see –

glass bifocals, in Mendelssohn.
Reflective retina
bent through Ravenna
or shade-canoe of rusted iron

in Ferrara (almond mandala)
whose double curve
lets light swerve,
portable & potable.  Some farfalla

redbird’s bedrest (or robin’s nest)
you carry like pemmican
for Father Hennepin;
some amphora from Galilee (the best)

floats into harbor on a buoy
bobbing with airy Ariel
corked in oak barrel –
Jonah ex machina, sailor’s ahoy.


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