Gabriel!!!! (you're not reading my BLOG!!!!) The Conchologist's Text-Book, 1833, by Cap'n Thomas Brown, which I ordered for the Library a few weeks ago, has arrived!!! This is the Volume that someone calling himself "Edgar Allan Poe" (re)published in Philadelphia, giving Himself as Author!!!!

I quote from page 48:

Helix arbustorum - The Grove Helix.  Plate IX. 
fig.22. Sub-glubose, sub-pellucid, with five volutions; mottled
with ash-colour, and streaked with deep chestnut zigzag lines;
a single deep brown band commences at the edge of the outer
lip, and continues round the middle of the body and the
volutions to the apex; 3/4ths of an inch in diameter.
Inhabits groves in Britain.

EAP clearly ripped off the sexiest book in the English language.

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