The sound-seed fell from high
like a sharp effigy in the frozen air
a figurehead forced through the narrows
of cliff-clay and it tolls for thee, Henry

(copperhead stretched out for seven
years of seven years from charlie horse
to roundhead) and Cuánto catorce
ha habido en la existenca!

you enter into eternity without a garment
in my beginning is a Lincoln sheep
my end the long Canadian geese-chase
from a faux point to the true target:

as a man with an enormous bleak millstone
wrapped like Ouroboros around his neck
is cast into the sea (do you ken
yet, Charlie Brown?) for offending

the little green one Qué deber,
qué cortar y qué taju de memoria
a memoria en la pestana!

Your endless shield like a rabid

Caesar that rings like brass
without harmony when you enter
into eternity it tolls for thee so turn
again and turn Charlie from Barabbas

toward the other Caesar (Atahuallpa
on the scaffold like curled-up Orpheus,
your father) to the green cap furling
hidden from roundheads in the palace

of an oak curling from Charles to Charles
and from brown to delta clay a sound
seed planted on a pinpoint spearhead
green for growing scroll to scroll


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