& here's a little goofiness from Stubborn Grew for St. Paddy's Day:

Well it wall began, he huhouuyynmphhed – it began –
are yall rhodey for this exclamornation? – it all
began with our W. Deep springs the steep, and tall
falls small, so the lil rig-V'd rocket wwwwrrrrhhed... ran!

Oh my did the kids collect their stubs an head for there!
Refugerators, specterspanulators, adopterators, even
some taters! Canonicus an co. plowed eleven-steven
buck for shot an fish for fool an a fair fare is square,

but they went under the impressurfdom of beastonian
stiffrottenness almound furnever, knaves –
it were a yurt caddie that still saves
gulf bowls and weary ware sharded long ago, abodian

freefar SW where Cautantowwit preserve my speech
rains over the deserveret and the undeserted and
whippoorwills protect the flowers, understand –
Bluejay was theirs. But we can steal tray to reach

that wet sound over the pure pile a pinetree scraps
an violent bows that ever purrcollate an rockabye
by the rectorious and the unmarzipanious. Try!
It'll opinion up hour by hour hysteria, perhaps!

H coffed a lil fleming and belgian some gastronomy now.
Here's Mars, he lectchurned on. The wars was unwise
because why's the reason, fellas? Shoe-size?
Make the gal squeeze an cries? Ho-ho, and how!

How? Rifle through the drayhorse for some key rationale,
and starve the shlep over the rockets until you fries!
That's warcome! Your very warcome, guys!
Quaker node in nudepart walkin through beans – hell,

they fileted Em fur that! So she up an refuged to list
another minute clam to that pilasterful of plastered saints!
That's what the narrow rhody for – imaginary isle it ain't –
see why ol Rog jet to capitalize anglandin – communist?

No, jest a plainpreachin manx talkin to the native tongs,
the ironic ore knot in ever won a gist all odysseus, come again?
No, jest a covertent – hope his anchor, an his cankersore – H
read about it an clucked it away for safecheepin, songs.

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