Our local paper, the Providence Journal, published this poem (from Way Stations) on Sunday.

"Ocean State" is RI's official nickname; it's on the license plates. So every time you see a RI license plate, you'll be reminded.

Tom Chandler the (former?) official RI state poet, does a monthly column in the paper, which features a poem along with a little background on the author. A nice thing to do.


Here the waters gather along the shore.
They meet the land breathing in foam,
and roll the sleepy pebbles and shells
back into long sand waves as before.

Our moon, casting her antique spells.
A motionless iris in the whale’s eye
of the sea, her unspeakable name
sinks to the bottom of lonely wells.

Her low whispers frame the deserted dome.
Her light covers the circus floor.
And she lifts, with one nocturnal sigh,
the heaving swells in a silver comb.

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