One of the more obscure sections, I guess...


The hollow hoot of the freight train sets it seal
on a limitless night. Plowman leans on a line,
glancing over his shoulder (fleeting scene
of red-tipped feathers - Red's farewell).

Spirits shuttle to the shady gates (engulfed
in fanes of wheedling arms) and Vulcan sets
the type with rugged characters - Calypso,
Circe; the scalds, the scars. Wolf-

meals, in the blue forest; a rustic war
of mirror-brethren, fixed in their Medusa-
headrest. Slumber's their insignia :
engravings of engraving, "star" for star.


As you move toward sleep, the leavings of the loom
loom over the deep... over the speechless
limbs. A boy who wanted to play with dolphins
feeds the sharks (its name, its doom).

He frets your opulent asides, the festal
trumpetings, the wails of whales; you feel
closer to home, Ulysses, as you steal
a green wink from the morbid burial's

abiding score. You left his earthy body
on Calypso's shore, and for Penelope
you clipped his jasper bandolier (she
toys with it in the grass... tombs it away).

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