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Poem # 4 :

I'll be brief, because the article in today's NY Times Weekend arts section, about the Maya exhibit at the Met, is a better companion to this poem.

4.1 : Readers might want to check out another Times article, from the Science section of May 16th, "On Ancient Walls a New Maya Epoch", for more info. "gaunt John" - ie. John of Gaunt, character in Richard II. "Quatrefoil" - 4-leaf clover. See image of open-mouthed god sculpture surrounded by quatrefoil ornament in the 5.16 Maya article.

4.2 : "Dogwoods... ridge" - specific place, Prospect Park in Providence, where old man/hobo is on bench (cf. other sections).

4.3 : "one vine short" etc. - see Psalm 80, about the vine that spreads to the borders of the land.

4.4 : "I am a stranger..." - line from Richard II. Lazarus-hobo is still waking up, orienting himself.

4.6 : "Dr. Saturno" - see Times 5.16 article. Dr. Saturno is an archaeologist.

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