Tom Clark wrote me once to tell me that this was his favorite passage from Stubborn Grew :

Causes you malingerin luster glimmerstill inna shadow. 
An miss th'marrowed missers an misters, foes ever.
An this bodily weak by weakerness seam to sever
th'po from th'opuss an th'bit o'honey from th'O-bow.

An the po thing – the lil figurino in muh hand –
the lil man o'flush – the lil piss biscuit –
the lil foolghoul – the lil fiery missit –
the lil wastrelily – the lil white dry dachshund –

getta blame for blame, an lame for lame –
the peepers needa close call on some body other
wise no body node the how-to trouble-eye mother
forkin crybooby gonna fine the pad to came

an gone all ready to travail an labor updown a gain
O nuns O lossa marriageers ovum the privateers an
weed all rank the general woe buttween them tears
inna sheets inna draindrop drown byenbyenbyebyears.

(I think he was putting me down.)

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