- new installment in current poem (Autumn Door, tentatively) -

San Leonardo al Lago, c. 1370

Four sides of a barrel-vaulted ceiling
are filled with angels singing - playing
archaic, bulbous instruments, leaning
upward (past vermilion-winged

seraphim) to the apex of the vault.
Presentation, Betrothal, Annunciation and
Assumption. Dense vein├Ęd marble (amended
by dream). Revolving riddle (spectral salt).

Magnetic occlusion of an infant kiss
seals the fate of the Chosen One
(matrix of surprise design -
absolute one-day fresco, this)

on the nether half of the altarpiece, the cross-
hairs of the children's stories (crown
of the skull). When he comes into his own
(the worm quartet, the limbs of Lazarus).

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