... exploring curiosities around Joachim de Fiore, in various books by Marjorie Reeves. She speculates that Dante (who put Joachim himself in Paradiso XII) was influenced by his imaginative prophecy-drawings - in the sky-written "M-eagle" of Justice, and in the image of the Trinity as a set of interlinked rainbow-circles (toward the close of Paradiso) (see diagram image in previous post). Joachim has repeatedly (over the centuries) served as point-of-reference/avatar for millennarian-revolutionary-visionary hopes & dreams, showing up here & there in 19th-20th cent. poets & novelists (George Sand, George Eliot, Yeats & Joyce included).

(See my note from this enormous blog 4 yrs ago (post for 4/8/03) :

" "Mammon Lujius", in FW: MMLJ, Matthew Mark Luke John. "Lujius" an inversion (as is rhyme-scheme in Forth of July i.e. Stubborn Grew / The Rose book 3, July) - an inversion of "Julius". July begins on 7/15 - St. Henry's Day or St. Swithins' - the date on which in 1099 the crusaders entered the Holy Sepulchre. 33 years later (age of Christ): 1132, Joyce's motif date in FW : birthdate of Joachim of Fiore, theorist of the Age of the Holy Spirit. Christ-Finnegan wakes from the sepulchre (time-age reversal) after 33 years (1132). July plays verbally & thematically with inversion of Caesar & Caesarism throughout - going from July 15 toward Ides of March & April 15 (death of CESAR Vallejo & Abraham Lincoln on Good Friday). Julius to Jewel-eye...")

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