Gizzi & Gould, ca. 1983


Have been reading some of Michael Gizzi's old Burning Deck books (ones I can find).

From that day on Medway St. (spring of 1971), at the young assistant prof's apt. (wish I could remember his name), with Michael & Honig, Cloutier & me & other students... I felt a faint sort of kinship/rivalry with Michael Gizzi.

& after that, for 40 years, we crossed paths occasionally...but always with this brotherly sense (hello, old pal)... up to last spring (2010) at Tazza. & later this summer, walking by on Prospect St... "almost didn't recognize you," he said/I said...

What happened, Michael? I don't know...

Sense, from your Burning Deck books, of someone approaching Ezra Pound... trying to deal with the dualities, the contradictions... remaking the jocular vernacular Americanisms, in your OWN way, displacing Pound's... for so many conflicted painful reasons... pain is the name of the game.

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