Lanthanum 10.14

There is a symmetry in this labyrinth :
a labyrinth of symmetry.  In the quietness
of a fleet rest note, your eye gets lost;
flowery immortals of a garden coming-forth
are coming forth; suddenly, the river-
lines in your palm become 4 rivers, lined
with palms.  Holy, holy, holy... the old
summer camp hymn rose from my quaver-
quivered seahorse-chest (4 crystal knobs,
each with a password to the past).  Rapt
knucklehead I bean (deaf, dumb... unkempt,
sore broken... 57-reproofless) – yet plumb-
bobbed somewise to your 10-string psaltery
of praise!  Good thing to give thanks with.
For the union of reunions... clay eyes (ephphatha)
washed clear, ‘til all is limestone rivenclay (light
salt, a sword of diamond-edge)... & streams of
tears ray through this wide-open manna-earth,
this rotor-branded Brandywine (God’s myhrrth
a fifth-ace, graelic victory)... immersed in love-
kindled kindliness.  O sip & see, Ms. Mystery!
Ever the same shall be, shall be, the curve-drilled
angle-architects carve into time.  Their blarnacle-
sketch (charnel-cartoon) – stick-&-stoned Evie-
man beneath rain-piloted mote-arc – smiles now
in a universal reversal : arch ark in your main-
sail embrace (doubloony to some, no doubt).  I’m
singing around the house  in 7ths (clĂ© of rainbow).

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