Lanthanum 10.16


April woods, ablaze now with the glory
of forgotten wildflowers – hypatica & spikenard
& infant russet bells of honeysuckle, spangled
in cupolas over mass moss-forest on quartzite
cliff (blackened by time).  & all this overflow
of delicate evanescence invites me to botanize
one evasive bloom no hunter will recognize.
Imperturbable, the monarch proceeds (Hobo
mysterioso) toward her cedary home, in Mexico.
She floats past St. Louis, adrift between Cahokia
& Gateway Arch – grand tableland panorama
elongate from river-matrix (Missouri, Ohio...
Ol’ Muddy).  A quality of equality, the plainness
of the plains – Jefferson’s agrarian dream
in river-vortex (Fluvius Jordo Cyclorama).
Here convened, like Pawnee on Inca terrace
(in a game of kings).  Choice game, hid
in Louisiana cypress chest – encrypted there
like a passenger pigeon in cobra-lair.
Eld Indic jade garland, no doubt (mounded
Ameri-pemmican, in meet-me backyard).  Frail-
woven hands tilt above high contrails... you sense
something greater than Jefferson here (immense
thunderheart out of pipestone smoke-trail,
limestone relief).  The micro-minimum
is equal to most humblest monk, in this 
confessional – is Maximus (the meekest,
wisest).  Sunhop-perihelion is also herm :
humming belfry-birds, wringing each crumb
of winding sound from unending waterfalls.
You the microcousin-cosine, Maximus.  All’s
figures, Hobo-fool proclaims (to kingdom

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