Lanthanum 12.22

We drove to the curl of Sakonnet Point   at the
SE corner of RI   snuck past the private property
& the “keep out” signs   onto its pebbly spiral jetty
& watched the sun set, somehow   into the Atlantic
late early summer evening   the sun only an eye
veiled in lambent mist   57 fine shades of violet
most luminous sky   ever screened by retina   &
I saw   one kind round   rose   iris   in clerestory
lanthanum air-cathedral   through the vault
of steel   in heart of the earth   or simply
the heart itself   where 144 lines meet (ply
pan o’ply) an elemental number (all complete
now, fin)   for Love is Lake Victoria   of Poem
& Universe   the shared factor (O Unionverse)
both yin & yang   a givenreceptive   openness
infinitenfoldunfurled banner of Joy (freedom)
Love is egalitarian & kind   it will not break
the weakest willow branch   of orphan   poor
man   widow   it will endure with them,   for
righteousness   & justice   & when the scales
fall from our eyes at last   we’ll behold Scales
held in your palm   of matrix-lines   life-lines
a Romany (RIMN) hrmny, Maggie   28 pines
all swimming into view   &   one eye-in-hand 
prevails.   & the shadow of your hand   on my
brow   in the starlight   of Cosmos-over-Chaos
(olive mountain)   your paddlwhrlng S-O-S (O
sip & see)   Ja-El   Jessie O’L   little song-tree

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