Lanthanum 12.21

I’ve lived for some years now   along Abba River
in Q’ville   a stream wide, deep, invisible   to which
Ocean is tributary   & stars are lights   each
in a niche of a bend   along its banks   a quiver-
full are clustered   at the center of the earth
matrix of bends & origami folds   a silvery thread
knotted tight   & gleaming there   the stream’s head
source &   watershed   (east   west   north   south)
This river’s where   inside turns out   & myrrh
turns mirror (by St. Louie MO)   where wanderer
goes OM at last   prodigal Absalom   to his poor
long-forsaken Solomon (Abba   Pop   Dad   Father)
& the tripod of their lost, lasting embrace   is
bond of universal steel   (titanium-lanthanum-
oxide alloy)   which is most tautwound   anthem-
flower   in the planetary plot   grave Providence
of all things   in those arms   their hands
united   fingers   interwoven &   unbreakable
palm-vault   beyond every Olympic pinnacle   of
bronze or gold   & racing now (triple-handstands)
toward that Finnish line   in summertime   halcyon
days   up north   (is it Karelia?  Sibelius swam-
pineland?)   where a vain little man   in his own
birch canoe (Longfellow?  Hiawatha?)   glides down
Minnehaha Creek   his boat festooned with 7 flags
of 50 stars (red, blue, purple)   a paper hat (or
tiny boat) crowning his brow   crowing   Excelsior!
paddling home   (homesick Frank   in his glad rags)

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