Lanthanum 12.20

The star of redemption   the star
of the dead bees’ hexagon   a high-
five   hive-restoration   of planetary
dimension   fell to earth   not far 
from here   in a whisper   in your heart
because bees’ drone lays down a steady
basis   for high-flown   aerial remedy
seraphim   & cherubim   folded   inflight
hummingbird   honest wasp   monarch
toward e-axis (of earth)   pinwheel
historical   time’s dewplow   feel
the lightbreeze   from Everwhirr (arc
of Emmy’s M, see? squared)   in a darkroom
shaded by granite   limestone   waterfalls of
floating rock   where Everhmmn   (coral)
comes to commune   redeemed   from 
doom   to joie   happened once, only
in satyrsnffrplay of   Hézoodestiné   (a
crossroad rude   unflds bloomruse   selah)
His wine   over Dmmsdy   (D-day mortality)
is ours, O   humankind   O human kind
& so I sail   (dumb Percyfoil)   into your
meteorcasket, O   Hlyprst   one emerald ear
of wheat   kept   in Kievan grainfield   (blind
steppelevator)   Natasha Shtempel’s hope
& Hope’s   & Paul’s (the ashen one, the
ecumenical)   in the sadfields   in the
forest   west of Kiev (ancien Bury mantrope)

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