Lanthanum 12.18

I circumambulate the Terrace on my lunchbreak
one dappled breezy Wednesday   early summer
stone Roger surfacing from rose-pillow (or
honeysuckle)   the green so green   a fluke
or Edencube (slighty dizzy)   hint of goodbye
farewell to place, or poem   (both, maybe)   &
sensing a stone   so preternaturally near   we
glance, awry   (mother, father   in mind’s eye)
another skim of dimensions   closer than we think
like still small voice   smaller & smaller   slight
change of pitch at matrivortex   vast light-
whorled galaxy   only   tiny   (Eternity-wink)
We come back to encounter   another One
so near   Love’s blind justice   balances our
inner ear   spirals to vanishmnt   by oar or
wing   like the little snail I saw this afternoon
pine-green   lost on the sidewalk   elegant   
ouragan-eye   unmovable dome,   portable
home   still small swirl   delicate   aimable
carapace   helm of unknown soldier   faint
whisper of Shakespeare   in the milky hamlet
of his mind   a cup of happiness   overflowing
through   Golgotha   to an Arden   ever-living
evermore   corral of hands   inwoven, implicate
& indestructible   the little snailshell home
the universe   in a friendly eye   aye, aye
Captain   lift anchor, Rose, &   hoist away
ineradicable oak-stem (frothy halfshell foam)

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