Lanthanum 12.5

An evening wave of gold washes through the porch
window.  Old glory.  Starlight, everywhere the same.
An equilibrium of memory... through the cruciform
tesseract (small unknown amethyst).  A torch
on scorching dive, from beetling limestone overhang
to pivot of my heart.  Where it whirls, smolders
like blazing spring – limitless Old Faithful water.
Path of cosmonarch Roy’s infinitesimal bell-clang
(sounding).  So weathered threads of redwhitblue
are interlaced with looming purple compassment.
An older flag... weedy, perhaps (Nile-sent).
Like Blackstone’s Yellowsweet – earliest apple
of them all.  Signifying starlight, space (a midnight
sun).  Molten earthhearth.  Where he was buried
on the 28th (5th-month), whose grave remained
unfound.  I waver like a raven (forth & right,
back & left) upon this vernal oxymoron, WB –
a necklace of dead bees (black honeygold) that
yet will fly... across the Finnish line.  Complete
Karelian restorative (green whispers of a tree).
A white birchboat lights out for eternity.
In the far north (past Itasca).  Where the 28
twin-stars (special relativity) make a figure 8
at the center (29th)... & open the mirrory
myrrh-box.  Magma-mystery (golden game
in her eye).  A memory of home, homing...
down Mendelssohn lane.  Through gloaming-
flame... old shroud’s ultraviolet spectrum.
  6.14.12  (Flag Day)

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