Lanthanum 11.21

See... O sip & see...
from brooklets of a careworn face
a-brim with gleeful cheer, nevertheless
this everlasting, omnipresent Victory.
Rivulets of tears from infinite eyes
like rainfall through the channels of a tree
slanting in streams across Hagia Sophie –
its 28 arcs from limbs of cottonwood rise
now, to celebrate the Mighty Ghost’s winsome-
creative indestructibility : for out of nothing
has our cosmos come, to be an everlasting
home – our undefiled, restored kingdom
& under Purgatory’s transient sky
we grow absent-minded... forget
that lucky heaven-vault on high
is a limber, everlasting habitat
of Love.  I saw a monarch drift over the Arch
making his way across the 50 patchwork fields
of Jubilee... & through the 7 sabbath-days (bells
pealed in ecstasy), into the secret element (patch
of most rare earth of all) : into the myrrh-box
heart of a mandorla, there – the cypress chest
Natasha-Magdalen held close to heart.  Best
man & groom... water, wine in one... Rock’s
Old Faithful splash-landing.  Man-door.
Sheep-gate.  Shepherd, lamb, in one – your
little Tree of J, grown great lambshade.  Hear,
O Israel!  Examine the vintage.  Harvest is near. 

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