Lanthanum 12.14

In the cradle of civilization, in Mesopotamia
a shepherd stretches 6 tentpoles at midnight;
his house forming a little world, set right –
earth, sky, stars, 3rd sky.  Through camera
obscura (liminal minima at apex) rises a 7th pole
of smoke, from his hearthfire.  The ancients say
through that black hole, in former times, a tiny
heaven-stone – turquoise, with scarlet aureole –
plummeted, was pulled from fire... a blazing 
coal.  Shepherds fell to worshipping the stone;
they carried it (cloth-wound by veiled maiden)
on camel’s back, to aid in feuds.  A fine glazing
of gold was wrought around the gem, til it became
more precious than opals of Trebizond, diamonds
of Kalamazoo.  It was the signet of a royal bond
of marriage between sky & earth – its diadem –
imprimature of human home.  & now, a mass
of Quakers, in volcano, gather for silent mass –
the stone (furtive minnaschool, portable mass)
assembles gravity (protonnage) under a mass
of skimming photons... & Man (species-mass)
turns to face the 7th pole, of cloud & light (ol’
Hadrian’s W, colliding motes).  With bluff hello,
one Higgs bison slants across green Oxford pass...
slight air force-particle, breezy Soo Line.  She
who holds the key, surely, to auld dawn song
(Latin, Greek, Calabrian)... it flows her, all along,
odd flower, toward an even Eden-stone (coo; see?).

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