Lanthanum 12.4

The day was curtained with clouds & rain. & I
remained off-balance – knocked back by dream
of raven-sable, stellar origami.  Some game of
games... find the center of the mirrors (eye
of blackhole oven-hurricane).  M.-&-Emmy
Noetherealm.  Diamond-refractive oscillator,
Hamiltonian... treefold symmetry of straitened
bends, invariant surf beneath maximal extremity
of ashen world-lines (Simone, Celan, Black Elk
would sigh).  Invisible foundation... octahedral
cathedral (perfect Rock).  Play within basilica
or under wave of baobab (in peace, wee folk).
Monarch saunters along maximal geodesic,
dawdling at every milkweed pod, at ease
in universe.  Raven follows minimum (SW) –
his silver photopath of least resistance (flick,
fleck) reduced to feather-scratch on papyrus
(MW, MW).  To molten core (homing near
a river-matrix – confluence in MO).  Hear,
O Earthlings!  Twin wheels (red bluesroses)
convene-entwine into bright thread of porphyry
beneath a shady aegis (double-ewe, inverted V).
Ravangled, juristic M, immured in lonely grave
near Olivet : an eagle-OMO, turning every way,
invariant.  Under steel-gray rain, a brooding arch
hurled into clay turns up again... shines sevenfold
in sunseine-rainreign (ghostdance replay).  Bold
glory-plot – unbinding Slave of Slavs... watch!

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