Lanthanum 12.8

Earth blooms.  Born in pain, an Onion-man
lifts up her head.  Uncovers joy, in flower-
bed.  O Man, Woe-man... divine the power
of their Sower (yours).  Witness the plan (as
in my improvised summa-summation).  For
it is born & borne this way – (the universe) –
in wonder, transfigventurous.  From unheard-
of hearse (broken-in horsewagon, its mortal
remains) – amid most utter & remote darkness –
a Cognizance rehearses one inefferblescent play :
dazzling comedy of recognitions, in some byway
snoodle-narrow (entrance where you’ll bless,
be blessed – by turning, opening).  Shadow
me then, shade o’ shades (crown of Venetian
blind alloy).  Let thy wings decussate, Jonah,
o’er this flood (when I must dive, rise, go)...


I stood by the cliff again.  At Prospect Terrace.
Looking west.  & then thought-felt the presence
of Natasha by my side (greengold light – intense
staccat – through leaves overhead).  Her voice...
Step lightly now, laddiewi’ me.  So I did.
In tandem with stone Roger, off the prow
of his canoe (winged Natasha helping now).
Into thin air.  Floated... & flew.  Behold,
my son (RW said) who walks with us... the bright
procession of the Magdalen.  I saw maid Mary,
by an Easter grave; behind her, cousin Juliet;
Hart Crane; John Berryman; & Lowry... T-
squared, aligned, orthogonal.  Under the Gate.
Barefoot, fluted (a mourning dove)... limping,
limpid.  There : Natasha.  Osip.  & (weeping)
Nadezhda.  Trinidad (steel-drummed).  Agate.

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