Lanthanum 11.19

Birth-pangs, they said... murmurs my cloudy friend.
I look into her tender face... sad-luminous moon
turning her smile toward joy.  Something funny
happened todaylet’s take a detour round that bend.
She lifts her magnifying glass again.  Two figures
in a heart-shaped, lilac shade – at first I thought
Black Elk, MLK?  Or Blackstone, Roger?  Was it
Whitman & Hart Crane?  Or Francesco of Assisi
with his Sienese sis, Caterina?  Under the High Line
parkway, in Manhattan – finding a newsmap of the
sky – Wolf Song & Billy, by River 4iver.  Eh...
why?  I asked.  Said she, What’s loveIts sign?
So much pain... where’s the wellspring of sweet airs?
In the rain drops, she cried... I felt her tears.
Eyes, mine, welled in turn.  The wind bears, heart
to heart, the swelling riverglory that we share
your story... mine.  She raised the crystal triad
to my eyes again.  I saw a blazing yellow star
& one minute black pebble, drifting like a tear
across its face.  Looked down to the riverside –
the two brothers still stood beside the Gate –
the whirlmist dissipated... Comes lastful measure
of Mankind, whispered Natasha.  Transfigured
here... my soul doth magnify.  & then a great
Someone broke through that limestone clay
beneath the Arch... a buried man, like Joseph
from his brothers’ well – like a flowering staff
of almond, out of frozen ground... today.  Today.

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