Lanthanum 12.6

Fire salts the eye, & the eye grows strong.
C├ęzanne, in limestone, with the Neanderthals
(back 50 millennia).  An eye-in-hand.  Walls
of swift horses, in a U-shaped glaze (song-
thundering).  Here’s crane-bone flute, bowl
(Cahokia, red-handed... raven, owl).  Out of
the human womb... washed from subterranean
river-cave.  Fire in the eye will frame the whole.
Wind rocks midnight rushes, cataracting Nile.
A serious sound rose (elephant-ear) up from
Africa... thin sky-trace (arcing out of Yemen,
Ethiopia).  Humped in Sabbath shroud (awhile).
This fire welds, adamant (unknown solder) down
to diamond (arctic stone).  Melds a subtler mesh...
light untraceable fishnet.  Ordinance of Gilgamesh
& Moses – Jesus, Socrates... Love’s rule (golden).
& of that Covenant, parked in the inverted crypt
of our perversity – how praise we, tuning harp
& psaltery?  How shall it be?  & how escape
our tumbleweedy Babylon (high follyship
gone down)?  Fire smolders at heart of Man
to tear down Kings & Pow’rs.  He is coming
in her eye... Osiris, surfacing through rushing
stream.  At delta-verge, a river-orphan (grain
of wheat).  In slough of willow, cottonwood
(leaves oscillating in the wind).  The eye sees
the child rise (from dry marshes, Netherlands)
to hold the tyrant-sea at bay (his neighborhood).

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