Lanthanum 12.17

A bluegray bluejay   tearducts lined with black
floats over Vermilion   Hibbing-hub of Iron Range
little shadow crossing my path   passing strange
flash of refugee   speechless, seeking   way-back
machine   one lonesome-hearted   personal trail
to Itasca   unharmful cascade &  (er) beginning
spring of all  jail-springs   little Frisbee winging
his paper hat   free, now   down Arthur St.  (sail
on, Mendelssohn!)   Someone leans white hair
over rainswollen stream   into my delta-mouth
blue, gray   halfway...   Meet me, forsooth   in
Bobbie M’Gee St. Lou Healer E’s helio-chair
(a-hover overhead).  What be the J of Jubilees?
I asked, as we watched   Natasha   the chimes
of freedom flashboom over grassland steppes
a cloud-bash   thunderstorm   & what it say?
It says   it says... Natasha says   my heart
is bursting   its watermain    with presence
of universal Heart   great & magnanimous
greater than mine, my sheepgate   Thou art
my house, my hearth   forever   overflowing
Ocean River...   for Jubilee is Understanding :
Note how Ghost climbs from grave   brimming
everliving life   impregnable & lofty   eagle-wing
or playful Jay   hiding in the spruce   fluting low
to me   for this   improvisational cosmos   is
hers forever   his always &   always new   goes
on soaring   past 57+ galaxies   red flame (or blue)

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